Music has existed since time immemorial and has always been an integral part of our life: the melodious chirping of the birds every morning, the soothing gushing sound of the river water, the fine tune struck from a musical instrument or the simple “lub-dub” sound of our hearts. Music transcends all barriers. It knows no nations, nationalities, religion and creed. It embodies the Universal Heart, Light and Truth. The great composer Beethoven said, “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life”.

Music tunes one’s system and state of mind with the Supreme Consciousness.  It is the most holistic way of unleashing all negative tendencies and thoughts to purify and cool the tumultuous mind state. It not only brightens one’s mood and uplifts one’s state of mind but also activates all the chakras. It is that non-intrusive instrument that has the power of penetrating, touching and healing one’s soul and heart without any surgical operation. Sacred as it is, music is a form of worship that paves the way to meditation.

Music is that connecting chord which binds the musician or singer and the listener in enthralling waves of emotions and divine feelings. Often, when listening to a song or melody, we lose self-consciousness and find ourselves being dragged into the magical world of music. We start sharing a deep connection with the musician. Music can be experienced on the mental or psychic level. Those who try to study and understand music, enjoy it in a mental way. Real music lovers may not have a musical background or received musical trainings; yet they seek the music that is deep within, and grasp more and far beyond others. The moment one identifies oneself with the music, one becomes one with the very source. That is the manifestation of the Divine.

Singing is a means of communicating with the Existence. Music conveys the very essence of the lyrics, in a cocktail of beautiful, melodious voices and tunes. It is the best way of pouring out one’s heart. Singing is inspirational; it awakens and delights our slumbering soul. When singing, only the song and the music exist; the singer merges in the music whilst the illusionary world vanishes under the spell of this magnificent expression. Deepest feelings of love, compassion, joy and happiness emanate from the simplest form of music. It is the vibration of the Inner being that brings one in communion with the Divine, with one’s true Self.

In short, Music is simply the expression of the Soul that ought to be lived!


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