In a nutshell, dance is meditation! It is possible to gain direct access to our own enlightened qualities: peace, love, openness, understanding, energy and joy. Vivid dance experiences are the ideal time to practise real meditation. Real meditation is effortless and sparky. Effortless because we are simply opening up to what is already there, our natural awareness. Sparky because vividness is fun!

Dance and meditation come together in the experience of absolute spontaneity! When we are completely in tune with the music, not a thought in our mind, and no idea where the next beat will take us, then we are in touch with our own spontaneous perfection. This is dance as a spiritual path to enlightenment. Dancing meditation is one of the easiest ways to discover a calm, quiet, place inside you that is filled with joy, wisdom and love.

While dancing, you release a tremendous amount of tension and creative insights arise. Tension is simply trapped energy. The wild and free movement of the dance is a great way to set this energy free and get it moving. Feeling free in your body allows your mind to expand, your heart to open, and your spirit to soar. Then, when you lie still immediately after dancing, your gross level of activity—the body—is stopped, and the energy you have released travels inward to the subtler layers of your being. This technique allows the dynamism of the dance to move to your roots, to the very core of your being, liberating great feelings of joy and positivity.

In the spiritual dance, energy flows through the body’s seven chakras (energy centers located in precise places in the body, beginning at the base of the spinal column and  moving upwards to the top of the head) and into your movements to connect body and spirit. These dances take the form of exercises that are meant to promote balance of the body’s chakras and foster harmony among them, improving your well-being. In addition, they help you let go of stress and negative emotions and bring healthy energy to your body. They ask you to access your emotions and express them through dance; these exercises will also help you to unlock your creativity: we all possess everything we need to dance.


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