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The Brahma Vidya Yoga Society (B.V.Y.S) is a charitable, educational and philosophical institution founded in the year 1993 at Rose Belle by Dr Raaj Ittyandeo APPIAH, a Physical Therapist, Naturopath Physician, Yoga Specialist and Reiki Master. The main objective of the institution is to foster the true culture of humanity. The B.V.Y.S has acquired a portion of land at Rose Belle, near the old maize mill in the vicinity of the Centre Commercial du Vieux Moulin and we have began thereon the construction of a Traditional School of Yoga (an Ashram), which will in fact be a Centre of Learning, Wisdom, Meditation and Stress Management for the whole of humanity.

It is a long term plan and we shall proceed step by step. The National Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (NCSRC) has enrolled the B.V.Y.S on the list of Approved NGO and the respective Accreditation Number is N/1465. As it is a costly project, we are appealing to your good sense of generosity that comes from the Heart of your Soul; any sort of contribution on your part, be it in money or in other forms would be very much appreciated.

The Ashram of the Brahma Vidya Yoga Society will comprise the following:

 – A Hall for Meditation practice and STRESS MANAGEMENT (priority).
 – Hall for Yoga practice (Physical and Mental Health). 
 – Holistic Garden, with medicinal plants and flowers.
 – An Ayurvedic Centre (Natural Remedies).
 – Philosophical Library.
 – Recreational Yard and Parking for vehicles.

History of B.V.Y.S

The Brahma Vidya Yoga Society (BVYS) was founded in 1993 at Rose Belle by the Master Dr Raaj Ittyandeo APPIAH. BVYS is a charitable, educational and philosophical institution which has the primary objective of fostering the true essence of humanity.

Regular classes including chanting, music and questions and answers sessions were initially carried out at the master’s residence at Marie Jeannie Rose Belle, every Friday evening. Spiritual gatherings were conducted at a member’s residence every last Friday of the month. Kirtans and bhajans were an integral part of the spiritual programs to create a conducive and meditative atmosphere. Spiritual discourses cover different aspects of all spheres of life for the inculcation of basic human values.

Later on, classes were held at the Marathi Oopkaree Sabha Hall of Mont-Fertile which warmly hosted the activities of the BVYS for some five years. Simple and basic aspects of meditation were eventually introduced. Occasionally, a spiritual retreat day was organized in a remote location in nature, near the seaside or a natural reserve. Yoga, breathing exercises, questions and answers and music sessions were common activities that formed part of the event.

Finally after much hardship, the BVYS managed to acquire a portion of land at Rose Belle in the vicinity of the Centre Commercial du Vieux Moulin. Thereon the construction of the Centre of Learning and Wisdom was undertaken.The National Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (NCSRC) enrolled the BVYS on the list of Approved NGO and the respective Accreditation Number is N/1465.The BVYS ultimately embarked on a journey to fulfil its most cherished dream: that of securing a piece of land of its own in order to meet its objectives and spread words of wisdom throughout the country.

Center of learning and wisdom

The Centre of Learning and Wisdom was created to enlighten people and pull them out of their ignorance. In a highly materialistic era, man has become dormant as he is living in illusion. This Centre of Learning and Wisdom is a university of life that will re-educate man to bring out his true nature. We are here to assist man in nurturing his potentials in order to help him develop spiritual awareness, become creative and enjoy happiness and a better health.

Being the most dominant and superior creature with the ability to think, act and feel, man has to undergo a higher state of transformation. The aim of the Centre is to raise Human Consciousness in this egocentric world. Truth prevails only when the conscience is awakened while ego dominates when the conscience is dormant. Truth is intangible; it can neither be touched nor held. It is not a heritage to be transferred or handed over to man. Truth is that experience that only has to be felt, lived and experienced.

The mission of the Centre is to foster universal brotherhood and help man live a natural life, free from emotional stress, the worst evil in this Iron Age.We welcome all to join us in the beauty of life, full of determination, discipline and dynamism in the quest to discover our real Being.


Our Managing

Mr. Ittyandeo APPIAH



Vice President

Mr. Santaram RAGO


Miss. Yogeshwaree Pooja RAGO

Assistant Secretary

Miss. Lavanita MUTHOORA


Miss. Vintabye BHIKEA

Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Atchanah APPIAH

Committee Members

Mr. Parweez Mohammad Salim KHODABACCUS

Committee Members

Mrs. Sarita BALLAH

Committee Members

Mr. Rajdeo HARONIA

Committee Members

Mr. Prakashsing DOYA


Mr. Kamal Parsad GONOWREE


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