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Brahma Vidya Yoga Society

The Brahma Vidya Yoga Society (B.V.Y.S) stands for the Eternal Science of Wisdom, Yoga and Self-Realisation.

It is a centre of Learning and Wisdom that provides Holistic Services based on Universal Health Consciousness for the Physical, Mental and Spiritual well-being of mankind.

Today, the world is in dire need of a tremendous transformation of the Individual. We have fallen in the abyss of ignorance due to our bad tendencies and mostly the Ego. Are we really aware of our eating habits? Are we conscious of our relationship with the Existence? The whole world is being submerged by the veil of ignorance.

Being a man of deep insight and a man of intuition, my mission is to enlighten you and pull you out of ignorance, so that you can reach the state of Human Consciousness, develop Spiritual Awareness and go back to the source of Your Self or the Cosmic Consciousness. Real Freedom starts only when you are free; man lives with passion and this passion has to be transformed into Compassion

Cultivate Pure Love! Perform social services and humanitarian works enthusiastically, with compassion and humility. The Truth is not something that is created; the Truth is here, right now, this very moment. The Truth surrounds you just like the ocean surrounds the fish.

Just open the eyes of wisdom. You do have eyes, yet you are blind; you do have ears, yet you are deaf. Be like a lotus flower, it lives in water but the water touches it not. Similarly, live in the world but don’t be of it.



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Goals and objective

To promote Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health through Universal Health Consciousness. To foster protection and conservation of the Environment and the Ecosystem. To remind man of his relationship with Nature and encourage protection and care of Animals and their habitats.

To promote healthy and natural living through Yoga, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Stress Management program, Proper Nutrition (Diet)and Vegetarianism. Reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes heart diseases, Alzheimer and asthma problems. Promote Essential Values for a decent life:Compassion, Love, Peace, Universal Harmony and Universal Brotherhood. Disseminate and foster Spiritual knowledge and Spirituality through discourses, and help humanity out of ignorance. Be at the service of the poor, the elderly and the deprived. Fight alcoholism, prostitution and other ills of the society.


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